Sample ad designed in Adobe Fireworks standard size 240x400

Sample 240-400 Banner Ad

George Wade - Designer and Developer

At the WadeWeb company George Wade is the solo owner, designer, and web
programming developer. This one-person firm competes in the web graphic design
and web programming development industry against much larger firms with their
attendant overhead because of George’s experience and education in both aspects
of the process. You have one professional as your contact who handles all your
objectives throughout the process.

Web Developer/Programmer

George has developed and programmed intranet applications such as Information
Services Response Tracking and Timecard Reporting and Approval Systems. He
develops these web applications using Microsoft Visual Studio/C#, Microsoft and
Oracle databases, and standard xHtml, CSS, and javascript.

Web/Graphic Designer

Over the past 4 years George has studied graphic design at Schoolcraft College.
In 2008 George’s design abilities were recognized by the college when they
awarded him for Computer Graphics Technology Outstanding Achievement.
George excels using the Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, Dreamweaver,
and Flash interactive animation tools.